999Bikers is born and under construction


About Us

A motorcycle website created for employees of the emergency services. Fire, Ambulance, Police as well as hospital, Air Ambulance, Coast Guard, Mountain Rescue make up the bulk of 999Bikers but all bikers are welcome.

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Our Aim

As bikers we don't really need much of an excuse to get our bikes out, other than good weather. Whilst this site is very much a new idea, it is a vision to connect bikers working for the emergency services with like-minded enthusiasts and hopefully generate some funding for much needed charities and organisations along the way.

Join us

999Bikers are currently looking for people to help donate their time and knowledge to help build our name.
We seek anyone with anything to offer – be it web site knowledge, event planning or general fund raising experience to join us and help drive 999Bikers forward.

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